Monday, August 31, 2015

Walk hard, pray hard

Crazy, crazy week in Morelos! It was super duper fun I almost felt like I was on vacation this week because we had four half-days of work in all. We had, of course, Pday, and then Zone Conference with President, then a trip to the DF Temple and then a conference with D TODD CHRISTOFFERSON! So a lot of time was spent traveling and taking notes and I stressed a bit about reaching our weekly goals, but the good thing is we ended up doing fine. But MAN it was just so good, all of it! We had some serious miracles on the day we went to the temple, spur-of-the-moment the Familia Suarez showed up, like just in time, to come with us! And the Hermano said that inside he felt like he was floating in the air, that he couldn't even describe his feelings. Keep praying for them! Also, we found a miracle named Ada who was going to get baptized in Merida but just moved here to be with her husband, who is also a new investigator. She's going to be getting baptized soon, once she knows the bishop and such! Our investigator Vanessa will also be getting baptized soon, and she's super cute. Also the husband of a ward member came to the temple and he's started progressing as well. Morelos is good, my little Brazilian is great, and I'm going to enjoy what I'm sure are my last 4 weeks in this area! 
I had a lot of awesome experiences this week, I had forgotten what it feels like to be in a temple, even though it wasn't dedicated. Citlali's mom also came with us and loved it more than life. Too bad she's not married... But seriously, I'm going RIGHT to the Salt Lake Temple when I get back without a doubt. Also, D. Todd Christofferson was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Everything he said was just pure answer to my prayers, the answers to questions I didn't even realize I'd been asking. And when he testified that this church is directed by Jesus Christ himself, the Spirit overcame EVERYONE like a wave. I know that this man was called of God, and that He is a special witness of Jesus Christ. I know as well that this is not just some other church/set of beliefs that someone created based on their way of thinking. It's the organization that God placed here so we can have access to these crucial ordinances. I love you all lots and lots and lots, and thanks for all your words this week! I'll see you all soon, but until then I'll just be over here with my new slogan, #WalkHardPrayHard. Jeje. 
Beeeeeeg Keeeeeees Leeeeeetle Keeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

Hermana LeSueur's last companion Sis Escudero

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