Thursday, August 20, 2015

I understand better what faith is, what hope is

So hey! Here writing on Wednesday because I didn't have a P-day on Lunes - we had transfers! So what's currently happening in my life is something pretty unexpected - I'm training again! It's surprising because President told me a little bit ago that we weren't going to have really any new Hermanas coming into the mission for awhile, so I wouldn't be training for awhile. But 1 Hermana DID enter the mission this transfer, and I actually get to train her! There's another Hermana who's entering temporarily, so my friend Hermana Valle will be training her for a bit. We had to go to President's house to pick them up, and it was just Hermana Valle and I and then tons of elders, my previous zone and district leaders who will also be training this cambio as well. She's from BRAZIL, so Heavenly Father amped up my mission difficultly a few notches considering that neither English or Spanish is her native language... But her name is Hermana Travassos and she's awesome! I don´t have too much time to explain everything, but she's super excite dto work and the investigators that had stopped progressing have started again, like the Familia Suarez! Also, I forgot to mention that we baptized on Sunday, that guy Domingo, one of my favorite baptisms of my mission because he jsut changed so much and was so incredibly grateful for this chance to let his sins go in the water. He's one of those people who has a really hard time forgiving himself, but after his baptism he said he felt like he'd truly been born again and felt like a different person. I'll send pictures when I get them from Hermana Escudero :) Sorry momma
Also, I fixed my card and I'm about to go get a camera! Whooooohoooo
Man, I learned so much this last cambio. I got super frustrated, my patience was pushed to the limit every day. All in all, it ended up being almost exactly like my cambio with Hermana Nuñez. I learned SO much about patience, faith, and love. I loved my companion. I understand better what faith is, what hope is. The time I spent knocking on Domingo's door on Sunday show me that my patience has gotten better, haha. He actually had sent us a text as we were waiting for the transfer call on Saturday night saying he wasn't going to be getting baptized. Well, we went straight to his house on Sunday morning and I decided to knock and hope he came out.  Well, he didn't. But walking away, I starting calling him and he answered. Suddenly, he answered and simply said, "Hermana, I'll be to the church in a few mintues. See you there." And he was. With the baptismal clothes he had bought and all of the books and booklets he'd collected. Ready to be baptized. Without even mentioning the fact that a few hours ago he'd said he would not be getting baptized. I'm so happy I got to end up baptizing with Hermana Escudero. 
I have so much more to say, but my time is about up! A better letter is coming next week, I promise. I think wek'll be baptizing a reference from the bishop this Sunday, so if you could prayer for her and the familia Suarez and a few other families we've found that will be coming to church on Sunday - Familia Mejia and the Hermana Erika and her family. I love you all, tlhanks for you prayers and advice!
Beeeeeg Keeeeees Leeeeetle Keeeeees
Hermana LeSueur
Emma's cute little greenie from Brazil

All the trainers at the mission home to pick up their greenies

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