Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'll always have you guys, but I won't always have Mexico

Family of my Corazon,
You are my inspiration...LeSueur fam.
The perfect combination...LeSueur fam.
Another week of popping & locking & jamming & breaking has come and gone. Familia Suarez is BACK in black (and possibly soon-to-be white). Some new prospects for this transfer have arrived at the Bachelor Mansion and the first rose of the season goes to... a teenager named KAREN (no relation to Karen/Nerak from Watcher in the Woods). Speaking of woods, it seems to me like Morelos 2 has come out of them and we're FINALLY seeing some sunshine. On a related note, I finally got out of the Isaiah chapter in my Spanish reading in the "Book of the Mormons" (as it's mostly called here). Also, a whole week has gone by and I'm still not fluent in Portuguese, so that's quite the bummer. Highlights of the week include:
Some new family gave us their direction as "the white house in front of the Jehova's Witness church." Suffice to say, I couldn't remember where that was and there came a point where I asked someone where I could find the Jehova's Witnesses. The lady didn't know, and we moved on with our lives.
For the very first time in my whole mission, some lady opened the door for us, saw who we were, growled the ugliest growl in the world, and slammed it in our face. Someone give me props for making it more than a year without having that sweet experience.
We finally figured out the real reason Familia Suarez comes to church: The mom told me that every time they come my favorite old lady in the ward (Hermana Remedios) tries to kiss her on the cheek but ALWAYS ends up kissing her on the mouth. Fellowshipping at its best (take notes). 
Our recent-convert Domingo continues to be a guitar-teacher/lawyer/part-time maker of DJ tables who always has a bag of bread on hand because that's what he gets paid in. RC Toni took a break from his XBox obsession and is about to get the Priesthood. RC Citlali got highlights and RC Gabi thinks we're her BFFFFFs in the world. Which is true. All is well, all is well in my little ZION. 
We had an AWESOME week, my little Brazilian and I. We found so many new people, especially a super golden family - Erika, Carlos, Karen, Carlos. On our first visit with them the daughter actually asked us when she could be baptized, and that's always the best, the dad has read a lot of the Book of Mormon before, he practically stole my book of Gospel Principles and said he would read the whole thing in a few days, and the mom told us "you both have ALL my confidence, I believe EVERYTHING you've told me, and I believe that God has sent two angels to my house for a reason." Also, this 25-year-old named Ana came to church and she's super interested and also made lots of friends with the young single adults, she jokes that her grandma is going to disown her for going but she said it was worth it. We have another 25-year-old named Vanessa who is super great as well and is going to get baptized and that's exciting. Familia Suarez is suddenly super close to baptism. The mom actually said that - it'll be happening soon. It all depends on the dad, everyone else is completely on-board. We're going to focus more on the Book of Mormon this week with them. The day they get baptized, because it WILL happen in this life, I will be the happiest person on this Earth. They are seriously my family here in Morelos. 
I love my companion a lot, she's so much like I was when I first got to Mexico - the missing her family thing is pretty tough. But I'm so grateful that President put me with her because I know what I needed to get through and I hope to be able to help her out. She's learning way fast and I remembered why I like training so much - I love just going over and over the basic things, because I learn so much as well in the process. We're working with a lot of different members, and the fellowshipping is going really well. We have a temple trip on Wednesday, please pray that the Familia Suarez will make it to the Open House! I feel that that will be a really crucial part of their conversion. Man, I'm so grateful I have 5 months left to work. I know I have a LOT to do still, and I'm striving to give it all. I have to remember that I'll ALWAYS have you guys, but I won't ALWAYS have Mexico, this ward, this opportunity. My little boot-camp is slowly coming to a close, the last stretch of my marathon is visible... I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE BEEN IN MEXICO ALMOST A YEAR. Thanks for all you've done to help me and motivate me and strengthen me every week. I love you all a lot a lot. The church is super duper true. 
Beeeeeeg Keeeeeees Leeeeeeetle Keeeeeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

Emma's cutest greenie

Her apartment

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