Monday, December 29, 2014


Dear Daddy, Momma, Kitty, Sammy, and Goosey,
I CAN'T BELIEVE I TALKED TO YOU CARA A CARA ESTA SEMANA! Hahaha I also can't believe you taped it...when you asked me to speak Spanish I got all nervous and it was awful, how about let's not show anyone that part? Haha. I'm a Little mad right now because I wrote a big letter to you guys that I was going to just type right up, and I forgot the notebook I wrote it in in the house. I'll send it over next week! I won't lie, I've been so super excited to get on here and email you, right after I got off of Skype I started looking forward to it... I felt so bad I just cried the whole time! I got really worried that you all thought that I was miserable and oh-so homesick, that I made you worry for me! Of course, I didn't want to cry, but seeing all the faces and hearing all the voices I love more than anything in the world all at the same time was overwhelming! I couldn't stop! I want you all to know that I am so super happy here, for real! They take such good care of me here, I can't even explain. I'm truly converting to this work, and I just love it so much. More of my thought-thoughts on the mish in general next week :) Ps, your Christmas Eve letters were the greatest in the world. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL OF THE PACKAGE, THE LETTERS, EVERYTHING.
On Christmas, we went out and tried to contact people in the Street. There weren't too many to be found, but when we did have the chance to contact it was a super cool experience. To be able to say "Somos representantes de Jesucristo, y HOY estamos celebrando Su nacimiento" was so sweet. We felt like we should visit a single, older lady in the Ward, and turned out she was all alone - her daughter was working. Super glad we heeded that prompting. We couldn't exactly hand out all of our "He is the Gift" cards, because everyone was in their house pretty much the whole day of Christmas, but this hermana wanted tons to give out to people at work! So we gave her lots of them, and I'm 100% confident she'll hand them all out, because she's a definite "member missionary." To be honest, before my misión, I didn't realize that a large part of the missionary's job is to build the Ward. I'm loving trying to help strengthen the testimonies of members, menos activos, and non-member family-members alike.
This week was a bit difficult in general, I really don't like when we have Little breaks from the work for a few reasons: it's harder to complete our goals for the week, and when we're not serving it's easier to fall into thinking about home. I will admit I had a Little homesickness relapse, and that wasn't too fun. People are on vacation, and almost every scheduled lesson we had planned with new people (Street contacts), this week and last week, fell through. BUT. Saturday, we both felt prompted to visit Enrique again. And guess what? He's getting baptized, on January 11, with our other investigator Carolina. He had quite a few spiritual experiences in the past week, all pointing to Jesús Christ and baptism. He's not quite there as far as 'loving the ward' goes, but now he knows without a doubt that he wants to follow the example of Jesús Christ and be an active member of this Church. I'm seriously psyched. Other significant things this week - we are going to begin teaching the dad of a family in the Ward who hasn't accepted the missionaries in the past. This is pretty huge! This family has been going through a rough time - about a month ago, the 20-year-old son found out he had a brain tumor. We knew the family before, had visited them, and this was super sad for everyone to hear. He had a few surgeries, all went well, and he's back at home recovering, just like that. His brother, who's 15, is one of our "less-actives" that we're working on, and their dad isn't a member. Sincé this experience, they've been Reading the Book of Mormon as a family and they've all been at church every week. We visited them on the 27th, and the dad was there and wanting to talk about THE TEMPLE. We eased into a Little lesson on eternal families, and he was extremely interested. He Works a lot, but we're going to try to work around his Schedule and bring this family together for eternity. We're so happy, seriously. We found another family in the Ward also, inactive mom, non-member kids and husband. Super nice, super cool, and super open. I'm sad that it looks like I have only a few weeks left in this área, but I'm honestly way excited that I'll get to experience a whole new group of people, different scenery, etc. But, for now, I'm going to work like I'm NEVER going to leave Lomas Verdes. I love it here. I love you guys, more than any words I could ever say or write. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS, MY LESUEURS. I'll see ya in a bit.
Beeeeeg Keeeees, Leeeeeetle Keeeees
Hermana LeSueur

Em in her Christmas Eve Jammies-- Kate and Lucy had the same ones at home to keep the tradition alive!

The same Advent Christmas Tree with pockets that I took on my mission.  We filled it with little fun and  practical trinkets for Emma and her companion for each day of December- they loved it!  

Monday, December 22, 2014

Tidings (of great joy)

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas!!  Emma was sick last week, and oh so casually mentioned for the first time the BLACK MOLD that has been all over her walls and ceiling for THE LAST FOUR MONTHS may have been making her sick, haha so the first part of the letter is her trying to call off the dogs since I was not very happy to hear that she's been breathing in mold for the last four months! haha :)
Thanks again for all your support, it means so much to us.

My sweet, sweet, familia y amigos,
First of ALL, Momma, I wasn't sure if it was a big deal, I thought maybe it was just dirty and humid, I wasn't sure if it was mold! It's accumulating more for sure, but we've been only studying and keeping our things in that room and sleeping upstairs, where it is much better. I think I got sick from it, but I slept upstairs the whole week and have been totally fine. If I just keep all my food in the fridge, nothing happens to it! I didn't want to bug anyone about it, because a lot of the Ward members know what the room is like and didn't seem all that worried. But yeah, I only have FOUR MORE WEEKS in Lomas Verdes, and I only need to sleep upstairs and all will be well! They asked to talked to me when they called, and I told them that the walls and ceilings are black, but we've moved upstairs so they dropped it. Anywho, I know I have only four more weeks here because, this morning, Hermana Mercado and I went with President Whitehead to the MTC for Hermana Mercado to visit her brother who just entered! President is the best, seriously. Afterward, he took us to McDonald's, so that was a fun Little piece of home! He mentioned more than once that he doesn't know yet where I'll be going, but I'll definitely be leaving, and Hermana Mercado will be staying in LV to train a newbie. I've gotta start writing some good-bye notes to my familia here in Lomas Verdes! I've definitely built myself a Little family here, and it'll be hard to leave that behind. So many wonderful, wonderful people I admire so much. Jose and Maria gave us new planners and cute scarves for Christmas when we went to visit them to review the Priesthood with Jose. They are truly the best, they want us to be with them on Christmas! Mario got confirmed yesterday, he's ready for a calling. He told us that he watched us pass every day for a month in Santa Cruz, and always felt like he should talk to us. He was familiar with the church, but not familiar enough to recognize us as missionaries. Finally, he called us over and found out what we stood for, and came to church a few hours later. He's so excited to continue to grow in his knowledge of the Gospel. I'm not sure if I've mentioned Carolina...I believe I have...but she has a baptismal date for the second week of January, and she absolutely loves coming to church. Jessica continues to amaze me. She's an active, active believer. She's willing to answer questions, share her testimony, in any given moment. She wants so bad for her dad to join, and she's working to get him to have family home evenings with her and her brother. She gave me a letter of thanks yesterday that was incredibly sweet. Of course, I don't deserve any of the thanks, but it reminded me that we do play a part in changing peoples' lives, and THAT is the purpose of my daily work. Luz is a Little hard right now, because she depends on the family she lives with to get to church, and they are BUSY. We're definitely working on it, we're heading out to visit her when the clock strikes 6. It's hard because she doesn't live in our área, and it's always a big chunk of our night to get over there.
Enrique. Enrique, Enrique, Enrique. I'm not sure if I ever told you all about Dominica, but we had to drop her as an investigator, at least for a bit. Our lessons with her are always charged with the Spirit - she has a close relationship with God, and wants so badly to do what's right. She's scared to get baptized. She's scared of her parents, she's scared that maybe organized religión is wrong altogether. I think she's scared her relationship with God will somehow change, or be less personal, if she joins the church. We have taught and taught and cried and testified and she has felt it - but she just won't accept right now. We're going to pick back up with her in a bit. Dropping an investigator is one of the saddest things in the world. Back to Enrique - we had to drop him as well. He has a problem with every person in the church. He is easily offended, and didn' t like the curious questions that Jose and Maria asked him or the way that another recent convert told him that her life was completely different since she got baptized, thinking she was being dramatic. After a few tough lessons, he understood baptism and admitted he wanted it and knew it was necessary. Then, the problem became that he didn't want to lose his Catholic girlfriend and "I haven't met even one person I like in this Ward." He won't come, he just can't understand that we are imperfect people that are lucky enough to have a knowledge of the truth - we attend church to worship, remember, learn, and progress. He really, really wants to continue meeting with us, and I hope to meet with him again before I leave Lomas Verdes. Connie is changing - the doctor thought she had cáncer for awhile, and even though she's since been told that she doesn't, she's changing because of this experience. She came to church yesterday. She's admitted that she does want to be baptized, which is HUGE - before, she never even let us get close to the subject - but she feels that she can't do it at this point in her life, in opposition with her husband and tied down with a lot of other stressful things. We're focusing on her, though, and I'm so happy she's starting to open up more than just her home and her bag of cookies for us. Another pretty prominent investigator right now is named Ruben, I contacted him in the Street, and he told us that his grandma is Mormon. Our first meeting, he was super interested in El Libro de Mormon, and was thrilled when I pulled one out for him to have. He's a disciplined guy, a very complex guy, 25 years old. Five months ago, he quit tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol. He has a true desire to change, and he's been looking for that one thing to guide his life. I'm so excited to keep on teaching him.
This whole month, we have shared the "He is the Gift" cards with every single Street contact, investigator, and member we have met with. On Wednesday, after we talk with our families (fam - I'll be calling dad's account sometime in between 11:00 and 1:30, most likely 12) and eat our mid-day comida, we will set out to share the last of the 500 cards Hermana Mercado and I were given. 3:00-9:00 on Christmas Day, we will work as full-time missionaries, representing Jesús Christ as we go about sharing the good tidings of great joy, that:
There lived a man named Jesús. He was born quietly in a stable to his mother, Mary. Everywhere he went, in everything he did, he brought a light to those around him. He enlightened their minds with his simple but profound words, He lifted the flap of the tent of the leper, letting in the light and teaching his beloved brother to walk in it. People knew He was not an ordinary man. For this, He was killed. For fear, He was killed. But, the King of all the Earth knew this would happen. And He knew why. He accepted it long before any of us were born. Because, through His example we would learn what to strive for in life, and through His death we would receive salvation according to the desires of our hearts. He is my "light which shineth in darkness," and I love Him. He loves me. Merry, Merry Christmas, and Feliz Navidad, to all of my wonderful family and friends, wherever you may be. Les amo muchísimo, mas que puedo expresar. Les doy gracias por su apoyo, por sus palabras que he recibido cada día de este mes. Love you, love you, love you.
Beeeeg Keeeees Leeeeetle Keeeees,
Hermana LeSueur

Emma's absolute favorite family, Jose' and Maria.  They have become soo close!  They gave her a scarf and planner for Christmas and invited her to spend Christmas day with them.  I am so grateful for kind people taking care of and loving my girl while we are apart.  

The cutest scarf they gave her

Monday, December 15, 2014

Training Wheels

My first week SIN ENTRENADORA has come and gone. Also, probably the weirdest week of my misión thus far... My pride did me wrong this week, and I ended up completely bed-ridden on Saturday. Monday I started feeling way sick but tried to ignore it, Tuesday I got worse but wouldn't admit it to myself, Wednesday my voice reached the Morgan Freeman range from an intense sore throat, Thursday I got all stuffed up and achy, Friday I ended up with a way bad fever during our last lesson of the day, and then during the night I woke up with a worse fever/chills and a way fun cough and couldn't sleep for some six hours! Saturday in the morning I truly couldn't move, but we had to go to the baptismal interview of the guy we BAPTIZED YESTERDAY (more on that to come) and then to eat with the member because Hermana Mercado said we couldn't cancel with them. THEN I went home to rest because I was pretty much dying. Moral of the story, I didn't listen to my comp when I was told to take it easy early on so I wouldn't get worse, but I didn't want to seem wimpy, and I got a lot worse than I would have! Ah, the things "The Gran Misión" will do to you. But, being sick has definitely brought us closer together. Mexico and I, that is. Being home during the day in bed was really really weird, because we're never never there unless it's morning or night, and we generally are go-go-going all throughout the day. I guess I shouldn't call this week 'weird,' but definitely SURPRISING...we baptized! Someone new! His name is Mario Centurión, and he contacted us. He had been going to the church with an old girlfriend for about four years, and wanted to know where our building was here. Because he had four years of asistencias, he came to the Lomas Verdes Ward twice (last week and this week) and received the lessons from us and was able to be baptized! Crazy crazy stuff! Obviously I was really bummed I wasn't feelin too hot this week, but a way cool experience nonetheless. I want to give another public shout out to my awesome Ward for the sweet Christmas package, the shirt with your signatures is my favorite! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I got another package without a name, from the Holmbergs I think? It's super super awesome, I love all of the cool Little things in there, and I'm going to use the "Plan of Salvation" bookmark next time I need to teach it! The compass necklace will replace my YW medallion that unfortunately is nowhere to be found (it fell off somewhere in the streets), so I'm super happy about that! I want to say thanks to everyone that wrote a letter for my "letter advent" that my family put together, I wake up so excited every day! Your words always stay with me throughout the day, and all I can say is I am so so SO lucky to have all of you in my life, I seriously have the greatest examples all around me. THANK YOU, EVERYONE! It's absolutely crazy to think that I am going to be away from my fam this Christmas, but I'm walking with my brother Jesús Christ each and every day. With every person we've contacted this month, we've talked about the importance of Christmas, the fact that Jesús Christ is the GIFT. I don't know what the phrase is in English, but here the video/theme for this Christmas is "El es la dadiva." I've been Reading the Bible a bit more lately, the life of Jesús. I've probably said it before, but I feel so lucky to be a authorized representative of Jesús Christ in a time when everyone is celebrating Him. I love Him. He gave everything, for me. For you. We give our thanks by sharing this knowledge we have. Please, please, please...look for the people who need a lift! This is such a special time, and everyone can feel it. People are more receptive right now. Take the opportunity to share the Gospel principles you know and love! Help those who maybe don't have a family to spend the holidays with to understand that they are part of a grand eternal family, and they are NEVER EVER EVER ALONE. Give the gift of HOPE, cliché as that might sound! I love you all so much. Thank you thank you thank you, for your endless love and support. I love the church, I love this work. I love you.
Hermanas LeSueur and Mercado- elf hats from her Advent Calendar

Mario's baptism... Emma was deathly ill this day 

Emma, Sister Mercado, and Mario at his baptism
¡Feliz Navidad!
Beeeg Keees Leeeetle Keeees
Hermana LeSueur

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 19: So much happiness in Lomas Verdes

Emma wrote lots of individual emails again this week.  LOVE how she sounds and that she's loving her area and her companion so much!  I'm hoping the sunny weather helps her not to be too homesick for Christmas.  Her letter advent seems to be a big hit, so thanks those that wrote letters for her!!


hello baby luvvv!!! I am LOVING my advent, i imagine you guys up there opening it every morning with me! today i got some awesome socks, which is so perfect because the mornings are FREEEEZING cold! I've gotten lights, some ornaments...i love it tons! i love you my baby, sososososososososo much!


MOMMA! I'm here in Lomas Verdes for another 6 weeks with Hermana Mercado! I'm so excited, we have another sure baptism, a guy named Mario, and then there's Enrique. I'm so pumped to keep working with them! The only sad thing is that an Elder in my district is leaving. I didn't think I would be sad, but I've been with him every day for three months so when the time actually came it was super sad. Elder White, from Arizona. He's been just as homesick as me, and we've definitely had little cry fests about it while our companions talk hahaha. He's really cool, going to BYU after and then is gonna be a dentist. I was telling Sam talking to this Elder reminds me of Sammy because he was the quarterback in high school and he kinda has that "quarterback"y look to him haha. Anyway, super sad, but our district leader is still ELDER NEWMAN, the most interesting man in the world. No way to possibly explain Elder Newman. I guess I'll just send you our last pictures as a district: 
Momma, thank you so so SO much for the package! The letters are by far my favorite part, but the stuff you sent (especially the lights) have made our little room so cheery! I love it all so much! Thank you thank you thank you, to you, to GRAMMY, to the rest of the fam and all the people that wrote me letters! So much happiness! My misión is becoming more and more...well, better! We're super lucky to have the success we're having in this área, because like i was telling dad it's known as the hardest área in the misión, baptism-wise. I'm so grateful to still be here! AHHH every week I think of so many things i need to tell you and when it comes down to it I can't remember! But thank you mommy, for every Little thing. I love you more than any words.
Love love love,

Hermana Emmie


¡Estoy muy feliz, muy cansada, un poquito enferma ahorita pero muy agradecida que estoy aquí en Lomas Verdes todavía! ¿¿Como esta mi padrecito?? Are we gonna speak in Spanish when I Skype in a few weeks???  I don't know where I'm going to Skype or how, but I'm sososososo happy that I'm here and still with Hermana Mercado! She's no longer my trainer, so that's fun. I'm so super happy that President let us stay - I Heard that when that happens it's because he has a lot of trust in your companionship. Lomas Verdes (the zone) ALWAYS comes in last place in baptisms, ALWAYS. Sincé Mexico Mexico City West was created, Lomas Verdes gained a reputation of being an awesome place to live, but "just be prepared to baptize no one." But, we had 12 baptisms in total this month (as a zone), and Hermana Mercado and I were 3 of them. President wrote me today and said that he's thrilled that our zone is turning Lomas Verdes around and that our companionship is very powerful, Hermana Mercado and I. Nice to hear. We work really well together, and I really do like teaching with her. I rarely need any more money than what they give us through the misión credit card we all have, they give us money for transports and for everything else and it is plenty! I've used the debit only a few times, for some groceries. All is good, the members here are AWESOME, my bffs, and there's a doctor in the Ward that invites the missionaries to Chile's some p-days. plus we eat in his house once a week. so many cool people, the members take such good care of us it's insane. I love it, I love you!


My kit, i think about that all the time... like i'm never going to leave any of you guys ever again when i get back jejeje. my kitty kit, I'm so happy you had a good week! i did too! the misión is actual becoming real, if that makes sense at all. I'm so excited to hear all about your cool patriarchal blessing. God is definitely real, He is definitely listening, and He's always watching and hoping that we'll follow the example He has so graciously provided for us. I'm so grateful to BE HERE! Life is just better when you're serving. That's all there is to it! Love you so much my sweet kitty bird.

Hermanas LeSueur & Mercado, Luz, Elders Newman & White

Looks like the Holy Ghost is between these two companionships haha! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pantsuits, Turkey Spam, and lovin mish life

Emma asked me to post her emails this week as she didn't have time for her group email.
Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!!

DADDY! Yeah, I was thinking about telling you guys maybe email is best. Tomorrow is zone conference though, and I'll be getting all the month's dear elders and a package I received but didn't know to pick up! I got my thanksgiving one and another one from USSynthetic that I assumed was from Lisa or Troy or maybe somehow grandma pam...Then when we got back from the misión home they texted us and said that I missed a package! So I’ll get that tomorrow, super excited. Dad, seriously, like the work is so good right now! We keep getting contacted by people who are interested, and more people than we ever expected have showed up at church every week, and we have lots and lots of future baptisms! For this, I hope that I’ll be in lomas verdes for six weeks more! But I can't be completely sure... Hermana Mercado is the best, seriously, we just laugh and laugh all day and I’m not scared out of my mind and sad all the time anymore. I'm settling into my new life, it's just a bit hard to think that in a few weeks I’ll be leaving here and will have to settle in somewhere else! But the initial shock of MEXICO has almost worn off, so the second time around should be better. After this next six weeks, I will be 1/3 done with my misión. So that's super insane. I made all the stuff that mom sent for thanksgiving, and I loved it so much! The Spam turkey was way good! We had a family home evening yesterday with our recent converts, the elders and us, and it was so cool to hear their testimonies. They're already thinking about calling Jose as a Ward missionary, according to my misión leader haha. My misión president is great, and so is Hermana Whitehead. It's comforting that their Spanish isn't that awesome either, they have Utah accents, they're both funny, my interview with President was good. Daddy, I have so LITTLE time left in my misión, for real! It's true it goes by so fast for the misiónary. True, my first cambio was super slow but if the rest go by as fast as this one did...I’ll be home in no time, and will be left to simply reflect on what I did to fill these eighteen months. Insane. I love you so so so sososososo much, daddio. Le amo mucho MUCHO! Hope my Spanish doesn't disappoint when we skype in a few weeks! Haha, you guys need an account, PS!
Love you love you
Hermana Emmy Em
Bud! What in the world, I hope you broke your wrist at the very end of the game! There's an Elder in my district that we eat lunch with every day named Elder Clay White and he was the quarterback in high school and right now he's collecting these funny little football helmets that come in packages of pan dulce, and I always think of you when he brings them out! You know what, its super cool to be a missionary at Christmas! Because, right now, I am really representing Jesús Christ, and I will get to do this on a day when everyone's celebrating His birth! Super super cool. I get my package tomorrow, so so so excited! Also, the weather is freezing and WET in the mornings and at night, but during the day it's hot! So that's kinda weird. Haha, but nowhere near as cold as it is in DRAPER! Buddy, I want to hear about everything that's happening with you! Tell me everything kay?
Love you!
Hermana Emmy LEswer
LUC: My goosey moosey! I miss you so super much my girly baby! I want to cuddle with you so so so much! And play American girl dolls and watch pillow talk and jump on the tramp and go to Chick-fil-a! I I'm so sososo SO excited to see your sweet face and hear your cutest voice and talk about ALL the cool stuff you're doing in just a few weeks! I have so many pictures of my baby goose near my bed so I can imagine I’m having a sleepover with you when I go to sleep at night. I miss you my lovey! My companion is super nice and super funny, she reminds me of Ally our cousin! We have a lot of fun together, and we've baptized three people together! It's so so so exciting! Mexico is a crazy place, but its fun and I want so badly for you guys to come visit all my áreas after my misión! I love you baby girly girl!
Hermana LeSueureueuer
Hey momma dearie! I don't have time to send a group message today, but you can pass along the info si quiere! We baptized Luz yesterday, so cool to see her whole demeanor change. She has this confidence that's completely different and new, and I love that that is what the góspel has done for her. we went to go teach the girlfriend of the ex-missionary this week - turns out he's from UTAH, his girlfriend wasn't there, but we taught another one of his friends and she already wants to be baptized! A guy ran up to us the other day and said he's a friend of a guy in the Ward and wants to hear the lessons. So that's super super cool. Dominica officially said she doesn't want to get baptized, but is really grateful we've helped her feel closer to Dios. Still, I don’t want to drop her... we might have to :( seriously the worst. But, yeah, Jose and Maria were confirmed, Jose has his White shirts and ties and suits all ready to go and Maria is way into pantsuits... they're the best. Truly. the Work is going really really well, we're gaining new people every day and I hope and pray I get to continue in this area for six more weeks because I have grown so so attached to our investigators, and I have such high hopes for so many! We have been led to so many people who are already so prepared to receive the góspel, all we have to do is invite! I'm more comfortable in my new life, I laugh and make quesadillas with Hermana Mercado and we are just so funny all day every day. haha. I fail every day, my Spanish still isn't that great, and every time they make me do a practice in front of the zone I end up almost in tears with embarrassment. But I’m learning. Momma, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! Seriously, nothing makes me happier than seeing your handwriting. Seriously almost better than the food was your little note! haha. I love you so so so much. We don't have a baptism Scheduled for this Sunday, but we're working on it, and I hope and pray that Dominica accepts the góspel!!! Love you so ossoososos much mommy!
Hermana Emmy
My week was good! Baptism and two confirmations, whoooooooohooooooo. Nothing better than
that. srsly. Life is pretty crazy and sometimes I want to curl up in The middle of
the rainy Street and sleep forever, but it's for the best cause in The world
that I walk and talk and embarrass myself all day every day. hahah. I Gotta go my
kit, but I’m so excited to talk to you so soon!
Love youuuu
Emmy Hermana
Happy Thanksgiving from Mexico!!!

She apparently loved her Turkey Spam that I sent haha!

Luz's baptism!! They were so thrilled

Jose' and Maria's baptism-- Emma just LOVES this family!!