Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Word of God can help us in every single situation

Hey my family-est,
WHAT THE QUE LIFE SOUNDS SO CRAZY AT HOME! Haha, so fun to hear about everyone getting home and starting up real life again. I still have quite a ways to go, definitely super happy to have so many awesome examples there at home. 
It was a good week, miracles are happening, even though it's probably been the most disappointing transfer of my mission as far as losing investigators and falling baptismal dates. We're baptizing next week, though! A guy named Domingo. Probably the funniest guy in the world. At church yesterday he almost broke our recent convert Citlali's wrist trying to teach her self-defense and calls me "the hermana with golden hair" (Golden-Hair-Kate? hahahahaha Kate remember PRESKOOL). But yeah, a true miracle and like I've said, I've learned a lot this cambio. We're working a lot better with the members these days, and I'm loving teaching the Plan of Salvation... which is awesome because it's a lesson that's scared me my whole mission until this cambio. I love how it gives everyone a different perspective of life if we teach it right. 
Well, I made it to a year this week - Thursday. That morning, I was reading in the part of Nephi where he has to build a boat for his family to cross the sea. I started relating the whole entire thing to my life in the mission - completing a year at probably the most frustrating time in my mission, work-wise, was a little hard. But the story reminded me that I need to remember all the miracles I've seen in my mission, because I'm aware I've seen so many, and I'm capable of using these last six months the way the Lord expects me to. Man, it was such a good study. I'm excited to be able to really, REALLY share with you all what I've learned when I get home - it's just so impossible to do here! But my companion said something that made me happy this morning, that something she's learned from me is how to apply every scripture to our lives. I've definitely become a lot better at applying the scriptures, and I can't even explain how much I love the Book of Mormon. Seriously. Of all the inspired, good books there are out there, only the WORD OF GOD CAN HELP US IN EVERY SINGLE SITUATION, can really truly speak to our soul like the Book of Mormon does. It's almost like a magical book. I know that sounds dumb to say, but that's the way I always describe it, haha. 
Man, I'm so imperfect in so many things and I still get so overwhelmed at how far I have to go. As far as gaining knowledge goes, the more you know, the more you know you DON'T know. But I continue to be so extremely eternally grateful for the opportunity I've had to study more each day, and much more importantly, to see a correct understanding of the Atonement work miracles in peoples' lives. Of all the little details - and great concepts - that I'm coming to understand better out here, I think the most important thing that I'm learning is our divine nature and potential as children of the Most High God. It probably sounds silly, super silly, but I think I've learned something about my OWN potential. I couldn't really accept myself for who I am before my mission, and most of the time I just wanted to be someone else. Today, I know who I am and what I'm capable of - and this knowledge comes from the studying I've done on the Plan of Salvation. I know without a doubt where we were before we came here, and what we're here to do. I understand why we experience different things, why we have different strengths and weaknesses, why I am the way I am, and as a missionary -  I have come to understand just a little bit more how our Heavenly Father feels about each of us. How sad He is when we bag on ourselves and think we must be the exception to His great promises. How much He wants us to realize that if we just use the tools He's given us, we can find REAL AND TRUE HAPPINESS. I know these are all things I've said before, but really guys. I know that we have the truth. We're so, so, SO lucky. We are members of the church of Jesus Christ. We have what we need. We are responsible for using all of the wonderful things we've been given, ACCEPTING THE SACRIFICE OF JESUS CHRIST, applying the Atonement every single day of our lives - and then sharing what we know with the world. Our salvation begins here. I can't remember if I shared my thoughts about building our house upon a rock. I probably have. But it's something I need to remember, especially if I'm going to be able to continue helping in missionary work when I get home. The "homes" we're building have lots of "rooms" - lots of different aspects. I think before my mission, the Gospel, the Church, was a "room" - a big one, but still. It needs to be the BASE. It needs to affect EVERYTHING we do. Living the gospel should not be on the same level as friends, school, work... it's something completely different. It's not an aspect. It's the thing that shapes who we are, how we act, when we're in all those OTHER "rooms." I need to be better at making sure that the BASE of my "home" is Jesus Christ, is His church. Just a thought. I love you all so much, and I'm so grateful, again, for all of the awesome examples I have out there that help me so, so, so much. If there's anything I can do for any of you just let me know! You can even start requesting some homemade tortillas in advance, because that'll definitely be happening in six months. I can't remember if I mentioned that I'll be opening a tamale stand-on-wheels in the Wilkinson Center? Start lining up now...
Love you all a lot. And I like you all a lot as well.
Beeeeg Keeeeeeees Leeeeeetle Keeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

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