Friday, June 19, 2015

How to recognize the Spirit

Well, you're all there on I am in an internet cafe listening to some mariachis and some really LOUD cackling going on outside... something I love about Mexico is that they find a reason to have a fiesta just about every day... aka, something like "teacher's day" is a big deal and pretty much every week there's SOME kind of holiday! But I'm so happy you're there having fun for Kate's graduation! Seriously, it's probably good I'm not there to stress everyone out with my over-planning, jaja. It was quite the week here in Morelos, we didn't have too much success with finding new people, but the Familia Suarez is AWESOME and showed up to church early, everyone dressed up in suits and dresses. So SO excited! PRAY THAT THEY'LL GET BAPTIZED PLEASE! Something sad - Toni got really sick a few days ago, after he'd already helped us plan his baptismal program and was really excited. He was bed-ridden when we went to get him yesterday, and we're going to baptize him next week. Citlaly still has a bit to go before she can get baptized, because she needs to have gone 5 times to church, so the 28th is her date. The Familia Suarez can get baptized on the 5th of July, so we're going to be focusing on them a ton! Other significant things - an eight-year-old got baptized in the ward yesterday and wanted me to speak at it... also the Elders made me speak at their baptism last week, so I'm just on a roll these days. Man, you guys wouldn't believe how calm I am about having to speak at things spur-of-the-moment these days! A major sign I've changed a lot, haha. 
It was a bit of a disappointing week, because the whole week we had had 15 people committed to church (two more families) and little by little they flaked out. But the good thing is that our best people did come yesterday, and Citlaly came with her mom (who can't get baptized right now but wants to). This is seriously such a golden area! I hope I stay here three cambios like my other areas, then I'll have one more area and that's it! Haha, I like staying in areas a long time. Also, I talked the Familia Martinez Maldonado, and they totally remember Elder Gardner! They LOVE him and say they're coming to Utah to visit in a few months. 
My companion and I had some cool experiences this week listening to the Spirit and avoiding some dangerous situations. I'd say that was the theme of the week - how to recognize the Spirit. I studied it a lot, and we focused on trying to bring the Spirit more than anything else when we enter a casa. We had some AWESOME lessons on the Atonement, which I just love teaching here using Jesus' experience in Gethsemane because seriously so few people know about that part. They have their cross and that's it. I love watching them come to realize just how much Jesus did for them. Our two other main families at the moment, Gustavo and Jasmin and Abril and then Viki and her three kids, are great, but they need LOTS of confidence. We'll get them to church next week! Thanks for your letters, love you all!
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