Monday, December 1, 2014

Pantsuits, Turkey Spam, and lovin mish life

Emma asked me to post her emails this week as she didn't have time for her group email.
Thanks so much for all your prayers and support!!

DADDY! Yeah, I was thinking about telling you guys maybe email is best. Tomorrow is zone conference though, and I'll be getting all the month's dear elders and a package I received but didn't know to pick up! I got my thanksgiving one and another one from USSynthetic that I assumed was from Lisa or Troy or maybe somehow grandma pam...Then when we got back from the misión home they texted us and said that I missed a package! So I’ll get that tomorrow, super excited. Dad, seriously, like the work is so good right now! We keep getting contacted by people who are interested, and more people than we ever expected have showed up at church every week, and we have lots and lots of future baptisms! For this, I hope that I’ll be in lomas verdes for six weeks more! But I can't be completely sure... Hermana Mercado is the best, seriously, we just laugh and laugh all day and I’m not scared out of my mind and sad all the time anymore. I'm settling into my new life, it's just a bit hard to think that in a few weeks I’ll be leaving here and will have to settle in somewhere else! But the initial shock of MEXICO has almost worn off, so the second time around should be better. After this next six weeks, I will be 1/3 done with my misión. So that's super insane. I made all the stuff that mom sent for thanksgiving, and I loved it so much! The Spam turkey was way good! We had a family home evening yesterday with our recent converts, the elders and us, and it was so cool to hear their testimonies. They're already thinking about calling Jose as a Ward missionary, according to my misión leader haha. My misión president is great, and so is Hermana Whitehead. It's comforting that their Spanish isn't that awesome either, they have Utah accents, they're both funny, my interview with President was good. Daddy, I have so LITTLE time left in my misión, for real! It's true it goes by so fast for the misiónary. True, my first cambio was super slow but if the rest go by as fast as this one did...I’ll be home in no time, and will be left to simply reflect on what I did to fill these eighteen months. Insane. I love you so so so sososososo much, daddio. Le amo mucho MUCHO! Hope my Spanish doesn't disappoint when we skype in a few weeks! Haha, you guys need an account, PS!
Love you love you
Hermana Emmy Em
Bud! What in the world, I hope you broke your wrist at the very end of the game! There's an Elder in my district that we eat lunch with every day named Elder Clay White and he was the quarterback in high school and right now he's collecting these funny little football helmets that come in packages of pan dulce, and I always think of you when he brings them out! You know what, its super cool to be a missionary at Christmas! Because, right now, I am really representing Jesús Christ, and I will get to do this on a day when everyone's celebrating His birth! Super super cool. I get my package tomorrow, so so so excited! Also, the weather is freezing and WET in the mornings and at night, but during the day it's hot! So that's kinda weird. Haha, but nowhere near as cold as it is in DRAPER! Buddy, I want to hear about everything that's happening with you! Tell me everything kay?
Love you!
Hermana Emmy LEswer
LUC: My goosey moosey! I miss you so super much my girly baby! I want to cuddle with you so so so much! And play American girl dolls and watch pillow talk and jump on the tramp and go to Chick-fil-a! I I'm so sososo SO excited to see your sweet face and hear your cutest voice and talk about ALL the cool stuff you're doing in just a few weeks! I have so many pictures of my baby goose near my bed so I can imagine I’m having a sleepover with you when I go to sleep at night. I miss you my lovey! My companion is super nice and super funny, she reminds me of Ally our cousin! We have a lot of fun together, and we've baptized three people together! It's so so so exciting! Mexico is a crazy place, but its fun and I want so badly for you guys to come visit all my áreas after my misión! I love you baby girly girl!
Hermana LeSueureueuer
Hey momma dearie! I don't have time to send a group message today, but you can pass along the info si quiere! We baptized Luz yesterday, so cool to see her whole demeanor change. She has this confidence that's completely different and new, and I love that that is what the góspel has done for her. we went to go teach the girlfriend of the ex-missionary this week - turns out he's from UTAH, his girlfriend wasn't there, but we taught another one of his friends and she already wants to be baptized! A guy ran up to us the other day and said he's a friend of a guy in the Ward and wants to hear the lessons. So that's super super cool. Dominica officially said she doesn't want to get baptized, but is really grateful we've helped her feel closer to Dios. Still, I don’t want to drop her... we might have to :( seriously the worst. But, yeah, Jose and Maria were confirmed, Jose has his White shirts and ties and suits all ready to go and Maria is way into pantsuits... they're the best. Truly. the Work is going really really well, we're gaining new people every day and I hope and pray I get to continue in this area for six more weeks because I have grown so so attached to our investigators, and I have such high hopes for so many! We have been led to so many people who are already so prepared to receive the góspel, all we have to do is invite! I'm more comfortable in my new life, I laugh and make quesadillas with Hermana Mercado and we are just so funny all day every day. haha. I fail every day, my Spanish still isn't that great, and every time they make me do a practice in front of the zone I end up almost in tears with embarrassment. But I’m learning. Momma, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE! Seriously, nothing makes me happier than seeing your handwriting. Seriously almost better than the food was your little note! haha. I love you so so so much. We don't have a baptism Scheduled for this Sunday, but we're working on it, and I hope and pray that Dominica accepts the góspel!!! Love you so ossoososos much mommy!
Hermana Emmy
My week was good! Baptism and two confirmations, whoooooooohooooooo. Nothing better than
that. srsly. Life is pretty crazy and sometimes I want to curl up in The middle of
the rainy Street and sleep forever, but it's for the best cause in The world
that I walk and talk and embarrass myself all day every day. hahah. I Gotta go my
kit, but I’m so excited to talk to you so soon!
Love youuuu
Emmy Hermana
Happy Thanksgiving from Mexico!!!

She apparently loved her Turkey Spam that I sent haha!

Luz's baptism!! They were so thrilled

Jose' and Maria's baptism-- Emma just LOVES this family!! 

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