Monday, November 24, 2014

Such bravery, and such faith

Mi Familia y Amigos y FELLOW MISSIONARIES!
¿Qué tal? This was a week of miracles, en serio. Yes, Jose and Maria were baptized yesterday and it was so incredible. As always, there simply aren't words to describe the feeling of watching someone you love, who you've taught and prayed about for weeks, enter the waters of baptism. What's better is they are completely willing and ready to IMMERSE themselves in the church. They are planning a temple trip to buy their own set of scriptures in the vis center there ASAP, and want to buy the hugest mural of the Sermon on the Mount for their house (they looked at all the pictures in the capilla and really liked that one). Jose's sister was really upset that he wanted to be baptized, but he still invited her and she CAME and seemed really pleasantly surprised. At a Noche de Hogar last week, they shared with us some ways their lives are different these days. Maria told us how they went to a restaurant, and their friends wanted to know why they wouldn't drink, and she said "Because we're becoming Mormons!" We're working really hard to set them up with other older couples in the Ward, which was the goal with the Noche de Hogar, but didn't exactly work out that way...only one guy from the Ward showed up, then it was the Elders and the guy who gave us the reference from the Ward and his girlfriend. So, we're working this week on helping them find a place in the Ward. Not hard, Jose talks with EVERYONE, and is psyched out of his mind to get a calling! We helped him get the LDS Library or whatever it's called on his phone, and showed him how to watch videos and read out of D&C and such. They have all the books and manuals they need, and being in their house is just the happiest feeling. The spirit is so strong. They were SO prepared, and SO willing. I am just so super grateful I got the opportunity to watch their conversión process. Jessica is doing so well, she is happier every time I see her and is becoming more integrated in the Ward. She's started working, so it's difficult to find time to meet with her in the week, but we're going to do all we can to have a Noche de Hogar with her this week. In Gospel Doctrine last week she was just so awesome, raising her hand to answer questions and sharing her experiencias that she had with 'las misioneras.' I love her lots.
We have two investigators that have families who are anti-Mormon, and we can't really meet in their houses: Dominica and a nuevo, Carlos. It's a really crazy situation with both, we meet around the corner from both of their houses. He's 33 and she's 27, but their families are very, very strict, to say the least. What's so cool is they both have said they just feel something and they know that they need to listen, despite all the crazy things that have happened or might happen as a result. Such bravery, and such FAITH.
We're baptizing Luz next week! We visited her this week, and she was having second thoughts. My awesome companion launched right in to a powerful lesson on the Expiación, and I did my best to add. I'm happy to say that Luz is excited, our relationship with her is better, and yesterday at church she made friends with the Bishop's daughter, which is KEY.
Speaking of church yesterday, WOW! All I can say is that the Lord pretty much handed the missionaries of Lomas Verdes about 6 months worth of work - we knew Carlos was coming, and Luz and Jose and Maria, but then a random Street contact named Daniel showed up and the girlfriend of an RM who lives in our boundaries and two random other people who were invited by a member and live nearby. We were obviously so excited, and this week we get to start teaching them!
At this point it's looking really likely that things will stay pretty much the same next transfer. It's pretty normal that President Whitehead will keep new missionaries in the same área for quite some time, and I think I'll even have Hermana Mercado again, along with the rest of my district. I'm real happy about this, but if it doesn't work out that way...ADVENTURE! I'm so close to the point where I'll be without a 'trainer,' and I'm honestly psyched but obviously a bit nervous.
I understand why people call their misión 'the Best Two Years' (slash 18 Months). As I have more experiences here, my desire to continue in the work the rest of my life grows. There are SO many ways to share the Gospel, and I can continue to play a part in and watch the baptisms of converts throughout my life if I'll only remain constantly aware of the needs of those around me and continually 'treasure up' the lessons learned in my misión.
I love this church. I know it's true. I love every part of it. I know every part of it is true. I love Joseph Smith. I know his account of the First Vision is true. I love the Book of Mormon. I know it's true. It's all true, okay? I love you guys. Have such a good week!
Beeeeg Keeees, Leeeeeel Keeeees,
Hermana LeSueur
We are laughing at her only table in the apartment:  toilet paper, cereal, flowers, family picture... she eats cereal for dinner every night and the flowers are from the flower guy that is kind of in love with she and her companion haha!

Their "desk" which is a folding table 

Emma's "kitchen" a.k.a mini-fridge and microwave 

The town she lives in

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