Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 19: So much happiness in Lomas Verdes

Emma wrote lots of individual emails again this week.  LOVE how she sounds and that she's loving her area and her companion so much!  I'm hoping the sunny weather helps her not to be too homesick for Christmas.  Her letter advent seems to be a big hit, so thanks those that wrote letters for her!!


hello baby luvvv!!! I am LOVING my advent, i imagine you guys up there opening it every morning with me! today i got some awesome socks, which is so perfect because the mornings are FREEEEZING cold! I've gotten lights, some ornaments...i love it tons! i love you my baby, sososososososososo much!


MOMMA! I'm here in Lomas Verdes for another 6 weeks with Hermana Mercado! I'm so excited, we have another sure baptism, a guy named Mario, and then there's Enrique. I'm so pumped to keep working with them! The only sad thing is that an Elder in my district is leaving. I didn't think I would be sad, but I've been with him every day for three months so when the time actually came it was super sad. Elder White, from Arizona. He's been just as homesick as me, and we've definitely had little cry fests about it while our companions talk hahaha. He's really cool, going to BYU after and then is gonna be a dentist. I was telling Sam talking to this Elder reminds me of Sammy because he was the quarterback in high school and he kinda has that "quarterback"y look to him haha. Anyway, super sad, but our district leader is still ELDER NEWMAN, the most interesting man in the world. No way to possibly explain Elder Newman. I guess I'll just send you our last pictures as a district: 
Momma, thank you so so SO much for the package! The letters are by far my favorite part, but the stuff you sent (especially the lights) have made our little room so cheery! I love it all so much! Thank you thank you thank you, to you, to GRAMMY, to the rest of the fam and all the people that wrote me letters! So much happiness! My misión is becoming more and more...well, better! We're super lucky to have the success we're having in this área, because like i was telling dad it's known as the hardest área in the misión, baptism-wise. I'm so grateful to still be here! AHHH every week I think of so many things i need to tell you and when it comes down to it I can't remember! But thank you mommy, for every Little thing. I love you more than any words.
Love love love,

Hermana Emmie


¡Estoy muy feliz, muy cansada, un poquito enferma ahorita pero muy agradecida que estoy aquí en Lomas Verdes todavía! ¿¿Como esta mi padrecito?? Are we gonna speak in Spanish when I Skype in a few weeks???  I don't know where I'm going to Skype or how, but I'm sososososo happy that I'm here and still with Hermana Mercado! She's no longer my trainer, so that's fun. I'm so super happy that President let us stay - I Heard that when that happens it's because he has a lot of trust in your companionship. Lomas Verdes (the zone) ALWAYS comes in last place in baptisms, ALWAYS. Sincé Mexico Mexico City West was created, Lomas Verdes gained a reputation of being an awesome place to live, but "just be prepared to baptize no one." But, we had 12 baptisms in total this month (as a zone), and Hermana Mercado and I were 3 of them. President wrote me today and said that he's thrilled that our zone is turning Lomas Verdes around and that our companionship is very powerful, Hermana Mercado and I. Nice to hear. We work really well together, and I really do like teaching with her. I rarely need any more money than what they give us through the misión credit card we all have, they give us money for transports and for everything else and it is plenty! I've used the debit only a few times, for some groceries. All is good, the members here are AWESOME, my bffs, and there's a doctor in the Ward that invites the missionaries to Chile's some p-days. plus we eat in his house once a week. so many cool people, the members take such good care of us it's insane. I love it, I love you!


My kit, i think about that all the time... like i'm never going to leave any of you guys ever again when i get back jejeje. my kitty kit, I'm so happy you had a good week! i did too! the misión is actual becoming real, if that makes sense at all. I'm so excited to hear all about your cool patriarchal blessing. God is definitely real, He is definitely listening, and He's always watching and hoping that we'll follow the example He has so graciously provided for us. I'm so grateful to BE HERE! Life is just better when you're serving. That's all there is to it! Love you so much my sweet kitty bird.

Hermanas LeSueur & Mercado, Luz, Elders Newman & White

Looks like the Holy Ghost is between these two companionships haha! 

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