Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Look for the lonely people

Fam n Friends!
HEY! So, this week we have three baptism dates! Jose, Maria, and Luz. I am so excited for them. They make me so happy, and I see the gospel working wonders in their lives. We're getting really close to baptism with Dominica and actually, pretty close with Connie Ceja! Which is crazy! She has said multiple times she's NEVER getting baptized. Dominica has a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon, but she's continuing to pray and is opening her heart a lot more than she was. For that I'm super grateful. We're getting busier, and I love that I'm now at the point where I can walk down the street and people yell out "Hermana LeSooorrr!" Hahaha, I guess you could say I'm officially settled. It's crazy I'll be leaving my first area in just four short weeks, and I'll have just about 14 months left in my mission! I want to give a big shout-out to my AWESOME WARD for the super sweet Christmas package I received! It came at just the PERFECT time, and the t-shirt is the absolute greatest! Your words of encouragement lift me up, big-time! I don't have any time left, but I love you all so much, remember to look for the lonely people and do what you can to help spread the word that we're never alone!
The church is 100 percent true, and we're ALL in this work of salvation TOGETHER!
Beeeeg Keees, Lil Keeeees,
Hermana LeSueur

Here is just a little part of her letter to me, I thought it had some good stuff 

I'm going to be in a different area for Christmas, most likely! But I'll have a few weeks of December here. We eat with members every day! They don't eat dinner here, so we have our big meal at 2:00 with various members, every day. 
About the safety thing, gosh momma, me neither! I have only been nervous that ONE time. Hermana Mercado says that I'm fearless, which is a funny word to hear to describe me. But, honestly, I'm making myself do 500 things that scare me, every day, and I guess my "brave face" is pretty convincing! 
TREK. I can't wait to hear about that! I sing "Onward, CHristian Soldiers" in my head every day while I walk, and it makes me think of pioneers. Sometimes, I feel a bit like one! Ahhhh, i can't wait to hear about all the fun things you plan and do! Momma, I love you SO SOSOSOSOSOS much. Just fourteen months from now I can tell you in person!
Love my mommy so so much,


Em, her companion Sis Mercado and a Sis from her district.  

Hermanas LeSueur and Mercado

She finally got the Ward's Package!  Thanks so much

Signed shirt from the ward

Emma's zone

Mexican ding-dong for her three month-iversary

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