Monday, November 17, 2014


Emma wrote several shorter letters this week that I wanted to include-- she's just so cute!  

This one is to her Dad:
I'm sitting here in this weird little 'internet cafe' that's most definitely not a cafe. It's a lot of weird random computers that range from about 20-10 years old and this keyboard is STICKY! Today is a holiday, but Hermana Mercado doesn't know what it's for...our usual computer place was closed, so here we are in Santa Cruz del Monte (Via Lopez Mateos), which is where we spend most all day every day. It's the humblest part of my area, the most people outside and willing to listen. The guy who runs this place I think is watching Seventh Heaven, that one show that Mom used to watch. This is the street (Santa Cruz del Monte) where I've met some of the craziest people of my entire life! Hahaha, well, I always love when you describe everything you're doing to me, so I thought I'd do the same. 
DADDY. Happy, happy, happy, happy, birthday! You know what an example I consider you to be, at least I sure hope you do. I give myself 'Daddy LeSueur' pep-talks quite a bit, when I need to whip myself into shape, when it's the end of the day and I need to push it just a little bit more. I continually think, 'what would daddy tell me to do right now?' I imagine I'm in my room downstairs and you come in and we talk through everything. I am SO lucky to have a Dad like that, for real. The hardest worker, the funniest, the funnest, the WISEST. I am so extremely eternally grateful for your testimony, the faith that you so obviously have. I love you, my Daddy. More than any words, more than any recorded piano songs, could ever say. THANK YOU, for giving me absolutely everything. 
I love you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Hermana Emmy Girl
We got a little email from Emma's mission mom !  It was so nice to hear from her:

I would like to tell you that your daughter is amazing.  She works hard and is diligent and loving.  Her Spanish is great.  We're so pleased to have Hermana LeSueur in our mission. I talked to her a few days ago and she was bubbly, happy and excited to do the Lord's work here in Mexico. 

Her cute email to me this week:

I love you so much, my sweet Momma! Oh my goodness, Having Hermana Mercado is making all of the difference. I didn't get a chance to tell you, but the week that you prayed for me to find joy in the journey, I finally had a few moments of smiling and laughing with Hermana Mercado. She's strict, but so kind, and she likes to be with me! She's super sweet and has lots of confidence in me. She's told me a few times that she thinks I'll be training soon! Let's hope not, haha, but it's sweet of her to say. She's kind of an Ally our cousin type of person. She likes the same things, her way of speaking and such. It's fun. I seriously love her. I've learned that I don't have to completely stop being myself, and I don't need to feel guilty if I enjoy something that doesn't have to do with the missionary work such as eating a quesadilla at night . Tehehe. My bed is just fine, a bunk bed and I'm on the top. I have a thick blanket and my sheet. It's very damp all the time. I have only drawers. I love love love my peacoat, it's perfect! I think rain boots might be a little difficult to walk a ton in, though I'd like them. Oh momma, my legs are getting SO buff. I swear I walk more here in a day then I ever did in a day of trek, haha! Hermana Mercado is the speediest speed walker I've ever seen, and I literally have to jog alongside her sometimes hahaha. Okay, I'm going to go write my big email and Sam and Luce, but I love you so sos os os sosososososo much. Ps, I'll either be getting home 20 of December 2015, 27 of January, or late February. Just so ya know:) 
Love love love,
Hermana Emmie Baby (As Luce likes to say these days)

And her "big email" as she calls it:

Here's the stats:
10 Athiests contacted
3 random people in the street who have thought I was German based on the way I speak Spanish and my face...
3 Cokes offered to me, per day
1 very angry American woman ('NO. SOY. TU. HERMANA.')
1 Person who thinks I look and sound RUSSIAN (Hermana Mercado)
3 BFFs who love us way too much (our street policeman, the flower shop guy, and the taco guy)
1 dead dog in a box that we pass every day
1 very confused contact (I thought he said 'President Monson,' when he really said 'siempre hermosa.' Classic me.)
2 really really golden investigators
1 Grandpa Chip-twin, who also happens to be one of my golden investigators
2 Christian Holmberg fans - little tweens in the ward that looked me up on Instagram and found Christian and are now in love
1 life changed with the discovery that corn tortilla quesadillas con queso Oaxaco are the BEST IN THE WORLD
1 dog that tries to kill me every day
1 hot dog quesadilla eaten

So many more, but I have literally two minutes!
Okay, so seriously. I've said it before and I'll say it again. HOW LUCKY AM I?!! You guys, Jose and Maria are getting baptized this Sunday, and it's unreal how much I love these two people. Jose is seriously my Grandpa Chip, exactly! Their house has the most special spirit, they're so willing to follow every single commandment, they're just the greatest I could cry. 
SO many things that happened this week! I only have time to say that I love the mission, seriously. I can't believe I get this year and half to do nothing but share the truth with the world. I live in the world of Nacho Libre, and I couldn't be happier. I miss you all so much, love you, and thanks for your support!!
Beeeeg Keeees, Leeeetle Keees,
Hermana LeSueur

Not going to lie- we are hoping for the December 20, 2015 release date!!!  Then she wouldn't have to miss 2 Christmases..... we got her Christmas package together and it made me so happy to prepare it and fill it will lots of fun and meaningful things- but it broke my heart at the same time to imagine Christmas without our sentimental, Christmas-loving girl.  

Throw-back family picture right before Emma left..We miss her!!

Her Nacho Libre Corn-on-a-stick

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