Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We are in the Truth

Hey guys!
Weeeeeeeeell twas a good week. We found a new family and their names are Joel, Norma, and Armando. They liked church and we have a Hamily Fome Evening (how Sam used to say "Family Home Evening" when he was little) with them tonight with the mission leader! We had the baptismal interview with Maria Leonor and she's ready...it's just that she last-minute had to go to some party in Toluca and we're going to have to push her date back because she didn't come to church yesterday. Way bummer. But, total miracle, that cute 16-year-old we're teaching, Maria Fernanda, showed up alone to church. She loves it, and she'll be baptized with the permission of her aunt (who came to church once with us) on the 6th of December. We had fun doing companion exchanges this week, and my companion went to the area of Roma with one of my "step-daughters" of this mission Hermana Garber! We get to talk to her every night, and also to my MTC companion Hermana Heinz! She's going home after this transfer. Crazy. Oh, also Tania was confirmed and we're having a FHE with her on Tuesday. She's so cute and is opening up to us a lot more.
The situation of Maria Fernanda is so sad. Her parents abandoned her with her aunt, and her aunt gets so angry at every little thing she does. She keeps asking us how she can make it so her aunt loves her and is happy with her. She made friends with some other Young Women at church, and I think a little LDS friend group is just what she needs. She is so sweet, and she loves the church already. We're so excited for her, please pray that everything goes well with her and Maria Leonor and this new family!
I love you all. I had so many confirmations this week that we are in the truth. There is this family of recent converts that we talked to this week and they were saying how they just feel so lucky to have found the complete truth and how it makes them so sad to see so many people who have no idea that the perfect Church of Jesus Christ exists. The two teenagers of the family are leaving on missions soon. So cool. I couldn't help but cry a little bit thinking that my second-to-last transfer has started and I'm going to be leaving this incredible time of my life soon. I love the church. I love my Father. I'm so grateful for all He's given me.
Beeeeg Keeeeees Leeeeetle Keeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

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