Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mexico will forever be a part of me

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Hey famslice!
SOOOOOO whoooooooo! Hermana Erickshlop and I are staying together, and we get to be Sister Training Leaders here. It was totally unexpected because president never makes a set of companions STL's at the same time, and he also never changes the STL area. But we're excited, super excited, because we get to be over lots of different hermanas from a few different zones, not just ours! It was a surprise, but a way good one!! It's actually really, really crazy because usually when you're going to be a Sister Training Leader you get called to one of the areas that's designated for the sister training leaders, number one. number two. When it's your first time they usually put you with someone else that has already done it so they can teach and train you. So, usually when it's your first time being a training leader you're training leader #2 and you're in one of the special training leader areas. but, they called us and told us they're turning our area into the new training leader area, and that we're going to both be sister training leaders for the first time together! So i'm the sister training leader #1 and i've never done it before! a little nervous. it means we go to all the hermana's areas once a week to work with them in their areas, we talk to all the hermanas every night before we go to bed, we give reports to all the zone leaders, we go to special trainings once a month, we speak at all the zone meetings and give a special hermanas training before them... but yet, surprisingly, i've always heard it's harder to train than be sister training leader. so i guess i got the harder calling behind me :) hahah, it'll be fun! we're excited, but nervous. i just can't believe president sent us in together, we're just so happy that we get to do it together.
We found some new awesome people this week, please keep especially in your prayers along with the list last week IRMA, JARED, and FABIAN. Fabian's another miracle, could be getting baptized this week because he went to church a ton of times in the US. Someone in Tania's family died and she had to leave in an emergency so she couldn't get confirmed yesterday, way sad, but they called us today and made an appointment for tomorrow. My companion got stomach sick this week, which is THE worst when you're walking through the streets of Mexico with all the crazy smells that happen every 5 seconds... but we still had a great week and she was strong and we pulled off a great Sunday. We had to drop a few of the people who came to church last week, though, because some already decided to jump off the ole handcart. but that's okay. the mission is a big process of finding tons of people and narrowing the list down to the people that are ready and willing right now to accept.
I started thinking a little about the funny little habits i'll have for pretty much ever after my mission, haha, like eating salsa on EVERYTHING. Pretty much everything tastes bland to me without spicy salsa, even like pizza and stuff. And just little phrases I say and my way of speaking have changed, little things I've picked up. Mexico will forever be a part of me, haha. I bought a sweet classic Mexican lady apron and some sweet pottery so I'm feeling ready to jump into my Utah life without losing my Mexi roots. I love this place. I've said it a billion times. I'll miss it a ton. As always, excited to make the most of what i have left and so so excited to work in this calling with Hermana Erickson. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God through His chosen servants on this continent. I love you all more than anything and I'm so happy to hear about all the awesome things you're doing to help others receive this super important message!
Beeeeeg keeeeeees leeeeeeetle keeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

Her apron and bowl

outside their apartment

Day of the Dead pen

Shopping for pottery

Fruit Stand

Meixican Apron

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