Tuesday, November 3, 2015

She felt something different inside

Yay for cotton candy and the cutest sister missionaries ever

Such a good week in Claveria! We found tons of new people and they literally all came to church! The ward was psyched out of its mind when we gave a list to the bishop of all of their names and they all stood up during sacrament. Please pray that Claudia, Maria Fernanda, Blanca, Guillermo, Magdalena, and Gonzalo come back next week! Maria Leonor is still working towards baptism on the 8th, but we're not sure if her smoking habit is really getting extinguished (hehe). But we BAPTIZED TANIA YESTERDAY! Just like our other baptisms this transfer, it was a straight-up miracle - her dad literally contacted US in the street like a week and a half ago and she's now baptized! She accepted the date literally on Friday night, and she accepted immediately. She said she felt something DIFFERENT inside when she heard the first vision. She's 20 and she wants to go to the Y. She's SO cute. And her dad's been less active for awhile where he used to live, they just moved here, and after an interview with the bishop he was able to baptize his daughter! So we have an awesome less-active reactivating as well. Also, we had more less-active people come back this week, including a cute family who hasn't come in like 3 months so that was super fun to see. The mission leader came up to us ward missionaries to thank us for our work and to let us know how happy the ward is right now. This area is "hot" and I'm so excited to see what happens this week! TOMORROW I HAVE THREE MONTHS LEFT IN MY MISSION WHAT IN THE WORLD. I love you all, AND EVERYONE TELL TRACE HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!
Beeeeeg Keeeeeees Leeeeeeetle Keeeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

A little bit of Emma's birthday note to me, which I LOVED:

It's a little funny, but I think this year I've had a tiny taste of being a mom, just being so invested in the spiritual, emotional, even physical well-being of the "infant members" and investigators I've had the privilege to help receive the restored Gospel. You see them growing and maturing and they worry you so much - you feel responsible for their happiness in a lot of ways, and you just hope that when you're not there they'll continue in what they do when you ARE there. It's a big load to carry!

Everyone had "Day of the Dead" displays like this

Tania's baptism by her cute dad

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