Monday, September 21, 2015

Who I was then and who I am now

Dear Utah,
Writing a bit late today, we had to got to the mission offices this morning so I could renew my visa! Pretty loco I've lived here that long. On the 15th, I mad it to a year in Mexico, which was honestly crazier for me than making it to a year in the mission in general. It was also Mexico's Independence Day, which was fun because SURPRISE! They let us go to a bit of the ward party! I was assuming that we wouldn't be allowed, but the ward members said they weren't going to be able to feed us if we weren't in the party, so we got to go eat there and then leave. So fun. Ada and her husband Jorge (as shown in the picture) came and brought tostadas, that was fun. Ada also bought us some super cute handmade shirts from Merida. We had another trip to the DF this week, for the training of the new missionaries. The only other new hermana had already left for her actual mission, so Hermana Travassos and I were literally the only hermanas there, which was pretty weird, especially when President split us up between trainers and new missionaries and I was literally without companion for awhile. But it was so fun to be at President's house again, eat hamburgers, and think a little bit about all that's happened since MY OWN new missionary training. There's just such a huge contrast between who I was then and who I am now, I teared up talking to Hermana Whitehead about it. 
Rossy (Rosie - she likes to spell it like Rossy) is a little nervous about Sunday, her baptismal date, but she's progressing and and her family is supporting her a ton - I think I mentioned that her parents are also listening and coming to church, Rosillo and Gregorio. Her grandma even showed up yesterday to church! Ada had her baptismal interview yesterday and is really excited for her baptism Sunday, we're trying to figure out still if it's possible that she gets baptized with her husband. As for Vanessa, the 4th baptismal date we've had planned for the 27th, we finally found out the reason she's been really hard to contact - a crazy young adult in the ward has been flirting with her and making her really uncomfortable apparently. It's rough because before we found that out she had sent us a long but vague message saying that she isn't ready and basically doesn't want more. ]We tried to contact her for some details such as if she do9esn't want to learn anymore or if she just doesn't want to get baptized this Sunday, but she just hasn't been answering. Not too much you can do in that situation but respect what they've decided, even though it's hard because she's a reference from the bishop and he says she's still willing so we should keep trying. All in all, I know that my last week in morelos will be awesome. We'll baptize Rossy and Ada at least, and they're both adorable and will be part of my life forever. They are both leaving a party-lifestyle behind and they both have really strong testimonies of the restoration already. I love them, I love being here, I love my companion, and no I don't want to leave. But President dropped the bomb when we were at his house that YES, I'm headed off to what will most likely be my last area. Still, I'm doing all in my power to leave the area full of possible baptisms for the next cambio, let's see what my hija can do with her madrastra.
My conviction grows stronger every day that this is the true church. It's almost like, with a stronger testimony comes more grief and hard times because your heart seriously just aches when people don't understand. But at the same time, my joy is more full every day as I understand better and better why it is that God has placed His church here. Thank you all for everything you do, as always, I feel like the luckiest in the world. 
Beeeeeeeg Keeeeeees Leeeeeeetle Keeeeeeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

Mexican Independence Day!!

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Hermana LeSueur loves her cutest greenie!

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