Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Because He Lives, I Have Hope.

Hey fam!
Well, some sad news... Mary and Humberto didn't get baptized yesterday. Mary is planned for next week, though, after falling back on some of her old habits the day before she was supposed to get baptized! Super sad, but we have faith in her. Humberto is a bit tougher to tell, but if we can catch him with enough time to sit down and talk about everything I know he'll be good for next week as well. Some good news... I can't remember if I've talked about an inactive, Moroni. His dad is a convert, and he was obviously born in the church. He lives with his girlfriend and the three cute little kids he has with her. Well, Alexia (his girlfriend) wants so badly to get baptized, but every time she tries to talk about getting married with him he ignores her. Well, we finally got them all to come to church, as a family! They all showed up in their Sunday best, right on time, and the talks were literally right in their faces. Every. Single. One. Was directed toward Moroni and Alexia. Marriage, divorce, raising a family, setting goals, the Sabbath Day... it was truly crazy how much the talks and classes were suited to them. They were a little harsh, actually, but needed. So we had another great lesson with them yesterday, and they're working on some goals. We'll see in a few days what they're thinking. Also, the cousins of the Familia Franchini are progressing nicely, we had a lesson with the mom and son yesterday, super spiritual and they both want to get baptized. Oh man, there is nothing better than watching families come together as they come to Christ. All in all, a week of a few pretty devastating disappointments, but we're excited for the coming week. We got the chance to take Maria Guadelupe and her daughters to Women's Conference, I loved introducing them to President Monson, Bonnie O., etc. She loved it too, and she went to a Relief Society service activity in the hospital this week. All in all, progressing!, very exciting. Lots of rain this week, the weather is as unpredictable as Utah! We had an awesome zone conference, our whole zone is starting our own "40-day Fast." This means that for 40 days we will be trying to rid ourselves of bad habits, things that are stopping us from having the Spirit at all times. I love this idea, and it's already going very well. I also had a fun companion exchange with HERMANA TOONE, and it was seriously the best to just talk about everything that's happened since we arrived in Mexico together and parted ways. Crazy how much the mission changes a person! We talked a bit about how our testimonies have changed, how our testimonies of the RESTORED Gospel have grown and how much better we understand this perfect organization. I'm sure you've all heard of the new hashtag of the church for Easter, #GraciasaqueElvive. If you haven't seen the video yet, go watch it! We're handing out the cards especially for Easter, like "He is the Gift." So, with this, I've had the opportunity to share with so many people in the last week what I have "because He lives." Because He lives, I have hope. I have a reason to keep trying, because after all that I can do He has offered me eternal life. I love hearing what other people think of when they hear the phrase. Mom, Dad, Kate, Sam, Lucy, and anyone else who has a second, I would love to hear what your response would be, what does this mean to you, #GraciasaqueElvive" ? I love this special time of year, let's use it to get out there and share the good news that Christ LIVES! I love you all, thank you for your prayers!
Beeeeg Keeeees, Leeeeetle Keeeees,
Hermana LeSueur

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