Monday, March 23, 2015

Ah, Mexico.

Hey sweet fam slash friends! 
What a week! We are getting super excited for the two baptisms that we have planned for next Sunday, Mary and Humberto. Mary is a 50-plus year-old lady who has totally turned her life around since we met her, and she has been on Cloud 9 for about a week now. Humberto is a teenager who was super excited and ready from just about the first moment we contacted him in the street my first week of this transfer. He showed up in a suit yesterday and was SUPER excited! Something exciting this week was that Andres, the husband of Maria Guadelupe, LOVED church and we had some super solid lessons with them as a family this week. We're planning on setting a baptismal date this week with him, the only problem is that he's in the military and he never knows until the very last moment if he's going to be able to make it to church. But we're excited, because they're finally progressing as a complete family, and Maria Guadelupe is obviously really excited. All the doubts her husband had when we were teaching his wife and daughter have all but disappeared! Also, remember the recent converts Familia Franchini? The awesome ones who got baptized a few months ago and are already in leadership callings, going to every activity, planning temple trips, buying every church book they can, etc? We might be looking at The Familia Franchini Story Part II. Their cousins, who live super close, are interested! We've been patient with them, it was the mom who didn't want to accept us all this time, but she showed up at church yesterday! So excited to see what happens with them this week. We've also found a few other golden individuals and families that we're excited to work with this week. Feeling good. Another weird dream story from Maria Guadelupe: she has this notebook of the dreams she's had that she hasn't been able to understand. She was reading through it, and found one she had about 5 years ago where she was in a taxi and the taxi driver handed her a book. She asked him if it was a Catholic bible, and he told her "Find out for yourself." She opened the book and discovered it was like the Bible, but with different names, short names, all with 4 or 5 letters. She told us the other day that now she knows that the names were Book of Mormon names... Nefi, Lehi, Laman, Laban...
I love seeing our recent converts progressing. It is the coolest thing. And to think that very soon they could be a full family of converts! If I could ask a special prayer for Andres, that would be so great. 
The rain is starting here in Mexico City! Not crazy excited for the rainy season, but I'll make it through. It's not so much the fact that we'll be wet all the time, but that it's so hard to contact people in the street when it's raining! One of those times where I really wish we could knock doors. I guess it will force us to work a lot more through the members! 
Ah, Mexico. The Mexico life is a crazy life. I still can't believe that this ended up being my mission! I truly never once thought that this would be my place before I got the call, but I'm so happy it is. It's always going to be part of me, Mexico. The way of life here is different, the attitude. I start thinking about how many hundreds of people I've come to know so well in these almost 8 months and it seriously blows my mind. So many different stories, so many different situations, so many miracles, so many experiences I truly will never forget. This is the mission. The greatest privilege in the world, and I'm serious about that. I know that this is the Lord's organization on the Earth. I know that we have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that life is hard by design, and our perfect and loving God only desires our progress and salvation. I love Him. I love my Savior, who satisfied the need for a balance between justice and mercy. I love the fact that I have a front row seat to the greatest miracle of all - what a true knowledge of His atoning sacrificing can do in the lives of individuals and families. I love you all, thank you for your words and your prayers this week! 
Beeeeg Keeeeees Leeeeetle Keeees 
Hermana LeSueur  

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