Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Heavenly Father answers every single prayer

Emma finally admitted to us that she left her camera charger in her last area-- we were wondering why we hadn't gotten any pictures for so many weeks!  Emma's nickname "absent-minded professor"  seems to still be going strong.  She is trying to get it back but we will have to just be patient.  It helps me a lot when I can see her smiling face, so hopefully next week.  Kate got the long letter this week, they had a lot to discuss since Emma found out that Kate got into BYU and they can live out their childhood dream to be roomies at the Y!! Her letter to us is short but sweet, just like Emma ;)

Hey Fam! 
Sorry, this is going to be a super short one! A good week, we were super busy! We found and set baptismal dates for a guy named Francisco, and also his friend Josue. And our investigator Mary also has a date! We had a miracle on Saturday, we found a family to bring to church - an older lady named Olga who's divorced, and her daughter Fernanda who isn't married but has a toddler who is actually the little kid who thinks I'm the Princess Elsa and always wants me to sing for them. Haha. And then their cousin Melissa, who's ten years old! So they came to church and are already progressing. Maria Guadelupe brought her husband to church, which is HUGE! Please pray for him, his name is Andre. Also our investigator Humberto came and that was awesome. Also, we are still hopeful that Estefania will get baptized...she finally answered the phone and said she'll come next week! Especially Mary and Francisco are struggling with a few pretty difficult things, if you guys could keep them in your prayers. All in all, a good week! A few pretty crazy encounters with some funny people, lots of rainy days... I'm content here in Palmas. It's a really small area in which we work, but I've come to know it backwards and forwards and I'm so grateful we have people progressing. I'm learning so much, each and every day! Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words! Know that I love all of you tons, I miss you, but I'm creeping up here on my HALFWAY MARK! My time to do nothing but serve the Lord is short, but I'm trying my best to make the most of it! The church is true without a doubt, and our Heavenly Father will answer every single prayer. I know that with all my heart. Love you!
Beeeeg Keeees, Leeeeetle Keeeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

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