Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I will stay strong til the last day

How are you guys? It's been a week of lots of "lasts"... my last Fast Sunday testimony in church, my last testimony in Mission Leadership Training, my last Zone Meeting testimony, my last talk in Zone Meeting... I'm not gonna say I'm actually a little happy that a few of those things are over... but I'm not NOT gonna say it. :) But really, it's been a really strange week. A good juan, but things are getting so real. When my zone was singing "God be with you til we meet again" to my companion and i we both felt like it wasn't REALLY us that were leaving. These last few months have flown by.
Carmen is progressing super nicely, she already laminated the covers of her book of mormon and got a lady from the ward to give her a hymn book haha. She's really excited for her baptism the 24th. Can't remember if I mentioned Lorena, but she was this really awesome miracle that came to church with her mom after she found us in the street on like thursday (i think?). All so exciting!. Some great news of the week: Guillermo and Magdalena are getting married, and their baptism is scheduled for the 17th! We're going to go see them today so we can get their papers together. But they definitely have the desire to do it and where there's a will there's a way. Maria Fernanda is still struggling, her aunt still isn't budging. But it's all good. We're working on it. Jazmin isn't as strong as she was before, she didn't come to church but it's still possible that she gets baptized on the 31st. So we'll see what happens there.
This week we're going to work on Rosaura and Dulce and Reyna and Danaris and continue working with the people that have baptismal dates. Something I loved this week was the focus on repentance that we had in our meetings. My companion and I were talking about it, and if someone doesn't really understand repentance, what difference does the Gospel actually make in their life? Baptizing someone who doesn't't understand that concept, who hasn't learned that repentance is available... i was reading Moroni 8 and it's really like baptizing a little baby. Daily repentance and the cleanliness we feel taking the sacrament is what being a member of the church should do for us, more than anything else. the church isn't here to create unnecessary busy-ness, the programs are there to enrich and assist us in our primary goal: daily repentance and progression. I love this church. I understand so much more why it's here and who directs it. I have 4 weeks left to be a missionary full-time, and i will stay strong til the last day. But I also couldn't be more excited to see you all and start to apply all of this stuff at home. I love you!
Beeeeeg keeeeees leeeeeetle keeeees
Hermana LeSueur
Last Zone Meeting

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