Monday, January 11, 2016

I want to change

Emma and her 'Bachelor' obession!! Some things never change haha

Hola LeSweats,

Considering the fact that apparently last week was the Bach premiere night, it's super appropriate to fill my email with Bach analogies right? Jesus used parables so we would better understand... I'll do the same for the whole LeSwerve household.
The Sean/Catherine-style success story is obviously the Familia de Leon. "After the Final Rose" (the Final Rose being their baptism and yesterday's sacrament meeting being AFTER) shows us their relationship (with the church) has done nothing but grow. As they've gotten to know each other without the constant supervision of the Bach camera crew (aka started doing things on their own without our constant nagging, teehee), they've realized that this really IS what they've always wanted slash needed. Their wedding is planned for DECEMBER OF 2017 in the DF Temple. The big shocker of yesterday's After the Final Rose: Joel not only passed the sacrament for the first time, but it was also revealed that he will the new 2nd counselor in the Young Men's presidency of the ward! Suffice to say, BachNation (Hermana Dagua and I) is going crazy.
The new season has started, and there've already been some shockers. An early front runner - Jazmin - went home by her own decision. Buuuut some crowd favorites from seasons-past randomly showed up in their own private limo and quickly made it to the top - some converts of about 10 months, Hermano y Hermana Estrada, finally got their non-member kids who refused to get baptized to come to church, 2 for the first time! They have 4 kids that could get baptized this transfer, and we had a little council with the parents yesterday to make a plan. The two other shockers of the week: turns out one of them already had a boyfriend, who showed up on the set to ruin it all. AKA... Reyna, the awesome lady that contacted us in the street a few weeks ago, gave us some sad news during an appointment this week: her husband does not agree with her investigating the church, and can't fathom why she would ever want to even think about changing from being Catholic. Basically, he told her he doesn't want her to change and stop drinking and partying and start wearing skirts. She cried as she told us how much she really did want to look into the church, how she felt when she was there, but how she doesn't want to create a new problem with her husband since they just barely got over some serious marital problems. It was so sad. I could just see the desire in her eyes as she said "I want to change, I want to change." We ultimately said, "Hermana, if on Sunday you have prayed and made the decision to continue with us, we'll see you in church." She said she would see us there. Yesterday, however, she didn't show. I guess her family situation got to her. Jazmin called us and made a billion excuses for why she couldn't come, so she's out of the picture for this transfer. Another contestant is in the "should I stay or should I go" phase... remember a past relationship from before the show is ruining it for her. In other words... Maria Fernanda is feeling the pressure from her Aunt Blanca and is now doubting her ability to change and her worthiness to be baptized. It is so sad. She was actually on the brink of getting baptized yesterday, her aunt had told us that if Maria Fernanda was really confident in her decision she would sign the parental consent. Basically, at the last second Aunt Blanca's doubts and constant criticism got to her and it was Maria Fernanda's decision to wait 'til next week to be baptized. Familia Estrada has made some waves in BachNation, but the crowd favorites of the season have remained: Jesus, Carmen, and Lorena. Carmen and Lorena are SURE of their feelings, and everyone's confident they're there for the Right Reasons(TM). Jesus is the controversial one, playing hard-to-get, but he's definitely in it to win it. There were some awesome 1-on-1 dates this week with the 3 of them and they all opened up. There were some tears shed by us and Carmen as she talked about her life and her fears. My favorite part was when she said "There are lots of churches in the world. But this one (pointing to her Book of Mormon) is the right one." Lorena has a new BFF in the Bachelor Mansion (Hermana Jesy, her neighbor we brought to the lesson) and came to her 1-on-1 (sacrament) sick but determined to make it work. Sickness is all over Claveria right now! Mine already came and went, now my companion is all fever-y. But all in all, we're having a good time and we're seeing miracles. It's been an area of miracles, honestly. We're seeing a ton of less-actives re-activating completely, which makes me so happy because seeing a less-active you helped re-activate get a calling or get the priesthood is the best. Please pray for Lorena and her baptismal date of the 31st, Jesus and Carmen for the 24th, and Guillermo and Magdalena and Maria Fernanda for the 17th. I love you all so much, can't believe I'll only be writing you three more times after today! Thanks for all you do for me.
Beeeeeeg keeeeees leeeeetle keeeees
Hermana LeSueur

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