Monday, October 5, 2015

It was His voice that we heard

Hey United States of America! I have muy poco tiempo to write right now, so "bear with me." *fake laugh*
I love my new area and companion and we're finding lots of people and I kinda feel like I'm in the movie a Series of Unfortunate Events not because there are lots of unfortunate events but because the houses look like the houses in that movie. It's a really pretty area, but definitely taking some getting-used-to. Very appropriately, we are teaching a guy who semi has the style of the Volturi in Twilight, and he should be getting baptized around Halloween! He's super eccentric, but probably the nicest guy I've ever met and he's a painter! He bought us gorditas this morning, and while we ate he gave us a run-down of what he learned in conference, which was a LOT. Really sweet. All-around, we're trying to get this area on its feet. This area hasn't seen success in quite some time like I said before, so we're starting from scratch and so far we've seen some good results. A lady named Anemia has a baptismal date for the 18th, and we have a lot more possibles!
So. Conference. What we have just heard is what God needs us to hear, clearly, out loud. RIGHT NOW. It was His voice that we heard. Maybe some of them were things the Spirit has been trying to whisper to us for a time and we haven't been listening. These are not just inspired men who know how to write pretty words with some smart counsels. They are chosen men, visionary men. God's spokesmen have spoken loudly and clearly and they have given us specific instruction as to how to reach that eternal life. We just can't take conference lightly! I promise all of you there is SOMETHING in that conference that will immediately and completely change your life when really applied. As candidates for eternal life, we cannot become complacent or content with where we're at. The fact that we were baptized and continue going to church alone is not enough. I think of the talk by Elder Maynes and my favorite personal example of his important point, you've all heard it already: is our membership in the church, our faith in Christ and the sacred promises we made, a ROOM in the house of our life? Or is it the base? I've said it before and I'll say it again: it CAN'T be on the same level as all of those other aspects of our lives. It can't just be another PART of who we are. It needs to be who we are, plain and simple. It needs to be the base that holds up all those other rooms. In other words, our membership in Christ's church and our general belief in Christ need to govern every decision and action in every aspect of everything we do. Maybe it sounds overboard - it does - but literally EVERY little decision needs to be made with God's will in mind. We think, will making this choice help me complete the goals for which God has send me out in the world today to complete? I guess we need to start by knowing what these goals are - I can promise that they will ALWAYS be based on service to others. Like in the mission, where we have goals of numbers and such, if we're simply focused on serving others and being like Christ, the numbers fall into place by themselves. It's the same - the mundane things we need to have done every day fall into place as we focus continually on the most important things - service to our fellow man and being like Christ in general. These are all things that I've been learning over time in the mission. Anywhoo, I loved conference and I got all the answers I needed and they are men called of God. 
I love you all so much! Thank you for your words and examples! 
Beeeeeg keeeeeees Leeeeeetle keeeeeeees
Hermana LeSueur

Ada and George Baptism her last week in Toluca

Suarez Family- very special family to Emma in her last area Toluca

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