Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chosen People Ready and Waiting

Hey fam!  
So, transfers happened! Totally unexpected...I'm staying in Palmas with a new companion! Her name is Hermana Hardy, and she only has one transfer here in Mexico. I'm her "step-mom," aka her trainer, part II. She's from Washington, and the cutest person in the whole entire world! She also went to BYU, she's a music major. She was there the same two semesters that I was, plus one more after. I seriously just already love her so so much and I know we'll have such a good time together! A little scary to make the change from senior comp to trainer, but I know I'll learn so much from it!  
We had an awesome awesome baptism yesterday, Max...the cousin of recent converts Familia Franchini. He's been listening to us along with his parents, and I have never seen someone so psyched to get baptized. He's eleven years old, and has been coming to church with his cousins even when his mom doesn't come. But, she had such a spiritual experience yesterday with her son's baptism, and we're expecting to baptize her very soon as well! The dad was there as well in his suit, and he seemed to be very impressed with the service and I know that he can see how much his son loves the church. This kid is so cute. When we teach him he always comes up with funny metaphors and examples to explain things and he is the MOST excited to serve a mission! His mom is named Aida and his dad Jose Angel, we're going to work so hard to get this family fully immersed in the Gospel. The service was so great, President came with his wife and just about the whole ward. We had the Young Men sing a musical number since Max will become a Young Man in August. Also, the Deacon's President spoke and his uncle, the AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Hermano Franchini, and his primary teacher and he got a welcome from the stake presidency and the primary president. I love seeing the whole Familia Franchini there and just so happy that their cousin wanted to get baptized. And to think that all of these people are coming to know the Gospel through one simple contact in the street! Max loves Elder Goodrich, so that's who baptized him. Pray for Aida and Jose! We know this is their time, and it's exciting, but we're going to have to work hard regardless!  
I'm honestly super excited to have another cambio here in Palmas. Yes, sometimes it's frustrating to walk the same streets day after day, but I KNOW there are chosen people still out there in our little pueblo who are READY AND WAITING. What an exciting thought that is! I will be reaching my nine-month mark here in a few weeks, and that's incredible. The mission truly is short, huh? I'm watching right now lots of sisters go home, when I got here they had about the same amount of time that I have now. It's time to get to WORK! I love you all, and I LOVE this church. It's HIS church, it really is.  
Oh, I forgot to mention... right now I'm in the terminal waiting for a third companion...she's only going to be with us about a week, but her name is Hermana Lagunas and she's waiting for her visa to go serve in Puerta Rica. So we'll be a trio for a bit! Whoooo!  
Hope you all have a good week, love you so much!  
Beeeeg Keeeeees, Leeeeeeeetle Keeeees,  
Hermana LeSueur  

Cute Max's baptism- President and Sister Whitehead

Franchini Family

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