Tuesday, February 3, 2015

364 days to keep watching and learning

My family. My sweet, sweet family!
First of all, I love you SO SO much, and I miss you. Seriously. Second: as of yesterday, I have exactly 365 (364, now) days left in my misión. NOW begins my year! Is that crazy or what? I guess you could say "see ya in a bit!" - which is scary. So much to do in these 365 days! No doubt it will be some of the craziest 365 days of my life. The most unique. The most FULL. The days that will change me and shape my life.
Okay, so as of this week, we have collected a pretty solid investigator pool, almost solely from contacting in the Street! We have lots of faith. We've been finding tons of new people every day, and it makes me so happy to see my full planner!
Here are a few who are progressing:
Galilea is an awesome 14-year-old girl who's been praying about the Book of Mormon and feels she hasn't received her answer  She's coming to church this Sunday
Estefanía is a 22-year-old single mom who has a baptism date! She's a reference from some other missionaries, and she's great. We had some really good lessons with her this week. The thing is, somehow we lost contact with her yesterday and Saturday, we went to pick her up for church and she wasn't there. Weird.
Hilaria is a single mom also, of two Little girls who LOVED going to church with us. She patiently listens but isn't completely open, especially to something that's not the Bible.
Patricia is a Young mom of two, a Street contact who's really quiet but way nice. The problema is, she just barely got ajob that makes it hard to listen to us. She has the desire though, and told us she's willing to meet with us even if it has to be a bit late or a bit early. We have high hopes.
Maria Guadelupe also has two daughters. She's been to church four times now, and we've taught her everything. She doesn't want to be baptized. I think she wants her whole family to be  baptized with her, and they don't want to, so she feeds us all sorts of excuses every lesson.
Familia Ledesma - the miracle of the week! They were a Street contact as well. We were teaching with a member, we finished a lesson late and decided to see if possibly the appointment we made with Joseline and Adriana Ledesma was serious. They were waiting, along with the dad. The Spirit was SO strong. We almost immediately began lesson one. I decided to tell them to close their eyes as I recited the first visión, and when they opened up their eyes after I could see a change. The member we had with us testified, and it was super powerful. We are SO excited for this family!
So there you have it, a few of our investigators we're excited about. If you could keep them in your prayers I would be forever grateful, along with our investigator Saul who had a baptism date and has now decided he's too afraid of what his family will think if he gets baptized and doesn't want to follow through. I'm loving Palmas and my sweet companion. I have never felt such great joy in my life! I have seen the change this Gospel can make in the lives of our brothers and sisters, and I'm so grateful that I have 364 more days to keep watching and learning. I love you all!
Beeeeeg Keeeees, Leeeeeeetle Keeeeees
Hermana LeSueur
Since she didn't send any pictures, here is a pre-mission picture that I LOVE of her.  What a beauty inside and out!

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