Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello from Palmas!
Crazy, AWESOME week! We did so much this week, we were both so excited to find people that we basically contacted the whole world! We passed up every one of our goals by a mile, in every category, and I was so psyched. Hermana Bravo is this cute little Hermanita de Guatemala, super funny little voice and accent that is sometimes a bit hard for me to understand because I'm used to NORTH MEXICANA, loud and fast and clear! She's probably one of the most Christ-like people I've known in my life. Her dad died when she was small and her mom abandoned her. Her uncle and aunt raised her, in the church, but were dead set-against her serving a mission, almost to the point where they didn't go to her farewell and refused to send her anything. They're coming around, though. She's already planning on extending her mission! She just loves the Gospel and loves to serve and is SO excited and sweet. I can't even explain. I met a family that she baptized this last Sunday, in fact we visited them a lot to prepare them for their confirmation which happened YESTERDAY. This family is the BEST! We have a Family Home Evening tonight with them, to help them get going. They're super strong, super funny, and already completely immersed in everything MORMON. Familia Franchini. Love them so much. We have some super strong investigators, both that Hermana Bravo already had and nuevos that we found this week. We contacted a FAMILY of a mom and two daughters on the street that came to church yesterday, Hilaria, Carla, and Nicole! They're super great. Also, we have a baptism date for a teenager named Saul, and we taught him a lot this week. We have a few more we're expecting to definitely baptize this change, people we've met that are already so prepared! A fun little miracle, we went looking for Hilaria one day when we had an appointment, and were super bummed to discover that apparently lied to us. We started walking to another appointment, and passed her on the street! Turns out she didn't lie, she lives in an apartment with a weird direction. We set up another appointment and returned a few days later. Guess what? She didn't give us the specific number of her room. We set out to find it, because she was super golden (despite the fact that she didn't give us the number, haha), and we started knocking on a few doors. We got pretty down, and I asked my companion if we were going to keep looking or continue on to our next investigator in the plans. "Vamos a continuar," she said. "Vamos a continuar buscando, o vamos a buscar la proxima casa?" I asked. "Vamos a continuar con firmeza en Cristo," she said. And so we started to climb the stairs to keep knocking, and we ran into HILARIA and her DAUGHTER and her HUSBAND! And they were at church on Sunday. Boom. Also, there was a little red-headed boy that refused to shake my hand the other day because I had my hair in a braid and he thought I was Elsa from Frozen and was going to turn him into ice. My nickname in the MTC was "Hermana Elsa," and some girls in my other area said I looked like her too, so I'm feeling pretty good about that! Jejeje definitely one of my favorite parts of the week. I was truly so content in the work this week. We definitely wore ourselves out, and I loved every second. I was telling Kate today that THIS is that true, COMPLETE joy that we feel when we are truly trying to make Christ the center of our lives! I have definitely made such a huge change in my definition of "happiness," and that's just one of the things I will carry with me throughout my life. I love you all, the church is TRUE, have such a good week!
Beeeeeg Keeeeees, Leeeeeeetle Keeees
Hermana LeSueur
ps, momma can you send me an electronic version of the living Christ in English please? thank you so much! 
Emma and her adorable little companion
Hermanas LeSueur and Bravo

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